Early Preview of what could be PeopleSoft Onboarding

I recently reviewed PeopleBooks guided process and found some images of the guided process that seem to be in works to provide functionality for Employee onboarding. The guided process is extremely flexible and configurable. I have used it to define other business processes. Here is how I believe this will work for anyone who is … Continue reading Early Preview of what could be PeopleSoft Onboarding

Image 21 – Employee Snapshot Enhancement

Oracle has enhanced Employee Snapshot and has provided a new navigation in Fluid for Compensation Review. This allows managers to see Employee salary history, Performance History and Total Rewards info. The information was previously available in classic but it is good to finally see it in Fluid.

How to setup PeopleSoft Approval Tiles – Explained

Recently I had some trouble setting up the approval tile in PeopleSoft 9.2. I found the attached resource, from Oracle, to be extremely useful. Note: Make sure your rest URL is using external facing server name and not internal names. This was quite a bit of headache for us. map_installation_in_interaction_hub

Converting classic activity guide to Fluid

Lot of PeopleSoft customers are expressing interest in moving ESS/MSS completely on fluid but there are still some important pages that Oracle only deliver in classic. Attached is a document that I created to convert classic activity guide, for eBenefits, into Fluid. This guide can also be used for any other activity guide as well. converting-classic-activity-guide-process-into-fluid

Upvote eCompensation Enhancement Idea!

Now that I have completed more than 10 e-Compensation projects, I kind of consider myself an expert to make a suggestion on how Oracle should provide enhancement to this module. Nothing new has been done since release of v9.2 and I really believe its time to make some serious changes so that it can truly … Continue reading Upvote eCompensation Enhancement Idea!

HCM Image 20 is out! Exciting new feature – Attachment functionality in Guided Self Service!

Really excited about this new feature. For my current work I am extensively utilizing guided self service (creating a dashboard for Admins to manage HR actions). See screenprint below.   The functionality is awesome and I achieved all of what is shown above without any customizations (Yeah!!). One functionality that was requested is the ability to … Continue reading HCM Image 20 is out! Exciting new feature – Attachment functionality in Guided Self Service!

Image 20 is out! Exciting new fluid feature – Total Reward Statement!

Image 20 came out on December 9th and Oracle delivered another exciting feature to show its commitment to going mobile with PeopleSoft. Total Reward Statement is now available in Fluid. Read more about the new functionality on the link below. I reviewed the functionality and it does offer the same features as the classic. It … Continue reading Image 20 is out! Exciting new fluid feature – Total Reward Statement!

My First Attempt at Fluid!

I tried my hands with Fluid and I am glad to say its exciting and easy. One thing that is really important and can set a good fluid developer apart from others is a great sense of UI design. With so many tools in your hand, one can go overboard or pulled inside their shell. … Continue reading My First Attempt at Fluid!