PeopleSoft Image 29 – Notification Tile

Finally PeopleSoft HCM group is caught up with the Financial group and has launched the Notification tile. The tile has a nice layout and looks great with the new color scheme Oracle used in PeopleTools 8.57. I played around a bit with the tile and here is my review.

Tile layout is clean and as it displays the most recent notification (not the most recent unread notification) on the live notification. It also display count of unread notifications.



Clicking on the tile take user to a new page to view the summary announcement grid. This is not a great user experience on desktop as it means more clicks to navigate back. I would rather have it as a popup or accordion layout. On mobile devices, full page navigation make sense.




There are related actions available to the users to delete notification, if allowed. Click into the announcement row to view the details. User can also click into any links or attachments. The notification is automatically marked as read (un-bolded). For some reason, the details show up as popup. To me this looks as a inconsistent transition.




Notifications can also be sorted by subject, posting date or read/unread.


Even though there are some issues with the functionality, overall I like it and I think this is much needed functionality. Also with the capability delivered in Image 28 to create more personalized notifications, this could really be a powerful communication tool.

Contact if you have any questions.


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