PeopleSoft Page and Field Configurator

Yay!!! Finally Oracle has listened to us and created a functionality that could be a game changer for customization and control. PeopleSoft now has a Page and Field Configurator that can let power user configure how a field and page should behave when a certain condition is met. For example if a confidential position is … Continue reading PeopleSoft Page and Field Configurator


Hiding grid column(s) without customizations

Most of the time, PeopleSoft deliver the correct core processes and clients just customize the front end to their needs. This require customization of pages and hence not only PeopleSoft upgrade issues but a lengthy SDLC process. Here is a quick way to hide columns from the grid without doing customization. 1. Navigate to the … Continue reading Hiding grid column(s) without customizations

Building validations and edits without customizations

More than often PeopleSoft consultants are faced with edit, validation and alert requirements. Consultant end up designing the solution by suggesting customizations. Maybe a close observation of requirements, better understanding of the tools and some bit of convincing can help in reducing these customizations. One such tool at our disposal is the Event and Notification … Continue reading Building validations and edits without customizations

Using XML report bursting

A lot of time IT managers and business analyst forget that an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is not just an accumulation of Industry best practices and a packaged solution. An ERP system also provides tools to integrate disparate systems and information across the organization, setup a single source of truth and reduce cost and … Continue reading Using XML report bursting