Hiding grid column(s) without customizations

Most of the time, PeopleSoft deliver the correct core processes and clients just customize the front end to their needs. This require customization of pages and hence not only PeopleSoft upgrade issues but a lengthy SDLC process. Here is a quick way to hide columns from the grid without doing customization.

1. Navigate to the page where you want to hide the column and then click the customize link on the grid header (if the link does not exist then enable it for now through app designer).

Capture Grid

2. Select the column you want to hide and check the hidden check box.


3. Click OK and save changes. (Turn off the customize option through app designer if you enabled it previously).

4. Go to PeopleSoft table PSUSEROBJTYPE and look for the operator id, component name (PNLGRPNAME), page name (PNLNAME) and OBJNAME (grid name, you can get this by hovering your mouse over the customize link and looking at the botton left corner of your browser).

5. Now create an insert statement with same value as all columns except OPRID. OPRID can be fetched from PSOPRDEFN for all active profiles. Run this sql statement and this will copy the personalization for all employees.

Users are all set now.

Note: You can use this same process to pre sort, arrange or freeze columns.


2 thoughts on “Hiding grid column(s) without customizations

  1. Hi

    Nice tip. That works for existing users, but I guess you will have to build some kind of process (or handler) to fill this table for all new users aswell.


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