XML (BI) Publisher Editor Simplified

1.1.      Design The RTF template design changes are documented in the image below: 1.2.      Configure 1.2.1.        Download TRW template Navigate to Reporting Tools > BI Publisher > Report Definition Search for TRW_STATEMNT in the report name field Navigate to Template tab Click on the template file TRW_Total_Reward_Statement.rtf to download and save it on hard drive. … Continue reading XML (BI) Publisher Editor Simplified

Hiding grid column(s) without customizations

Most of the time, PeopleSoft deliver the correct core processes and clients just customize the front end to their needs. This require customization of pages and hence not only PeopleSoft upgrade issues but a lengthy SDLC process. Here is a quick way to hide columns from the grid without doing customization. 1. Navigate to the … Continue reading Hiding grid column(s) without customizations