Building validations and edits without customizations

More than often PeopleSoft consultants are faced with edit, validation and alert requirements. Consultant end up designing the solution by suggesting customizations. Maybe a close observation of requirements, better understanding of the tools and some bit of convincing can help in reducing these customizations. One such tool at our disposal is the Event and Notification framework.

Consider the scenario, client want to implement e-Compensation and want the edits to restrict increases for employees to 5%. e-Compensation can be configured to have soft edits as well as queries can be build for constant monitoring but all these solutions are against the intent of self-service. Alerts can provide an answer. Alerts can be setup in the system to send notification to approver and submitter with custom messages detailing the edit issues. It can also contain navigation to more details or resolution page. Alert frequency and audience can be configured online too. Sure, this might not be a solution for everyone but it still might be a small step towards a vanilla implementation.

Some screen prints showing alerts in action:

Notification Setup:



Alert Setup:







Alert Email:



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