Using XML report bursting

A lot of time IT managers and business analyst forget that an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is not just an accumulation of Industry best practices and a packaged solution. An ERP system also provides tools to integrate disparate systems and information across the organization, setup a single source of truth and reduce cost and effort. All this to be achieved with least IT involvement.

In line with the above stated approach, PeopleSoft provide XML publisher report bursting feature that let various business function owners to publish and distribute personalized reports and letters. One such letter can be the annual compensation statement. Using the XML publisher bursting feature, business users enjoy following benefits:

1. Easy design interface – Functional managers can design letters and statements in Microsoft word with easy to use tools. They can integrate pictures and fonts.
2. No IT involvement – Business users can design, store, generate and distribute letters all by themselves without any IT involvement. New letters can be introduced and existing can be changed by utilizing word processor skills.
3. Controlled distribution – Distribution of letters is controlled by use of PS queries and can be changed from time to time to regenerate from smaller subset. Aging of report is also controlled.
4. Format Options – Letters can be distributed in HTML, PDF and other formats without any special processing.
5. Cost savings – Cost savings is realized in terms of no IT investment, moving statement and letters online (paper and shipping cost) and reduced training investment.

So next time you think about putting in customizations to move letters and statement online, strongly consider the option of using XML publisher for a higher control, low cost and quick implementation.


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