eCompensation enhancement in PeopleSoft 9.2

PeopleSoft came out with a completely revamped e-Compensation product in 9.2. Product was enhanced with better integration, manager self service and easy administration.  Even with the impressive set of features, e-Compensation product still lacked:

  1. Better analytical reporting – Reporting provided as graph and charts are not very user friendly to use and do not provide valuable information. Most companies end up creating separate reports for managers.
  2. Budget Management – Once the cycle is opened up for manager planning there is no easy way to update the budget or exclude employees (due to termination, out of cycle merit increase etc) without making planning unavailable.
  3. Alert and attachment framework – Even though integration with events, alerts and attachment framework is provided, it is not active and configured out of the box.
  4. Modeling capability – Managers have no ability to model compensation scenarios within the tool. They need to download data externally to spreadsheets to do complex analysis.

With 9.2, PeopleSoft has listened to its customers and introduced features to eliminate above stated issues.

  • Pivot grid based analytical reporting – PeopleSoft is bringing analytical reporting using pivot grids to HR (Finally!). This will not only support better reporting but will also allow managers to do a lot of complex scenario creation within the tool. Reports available are:
  1. Salary Analysis
  2. Compensation Distribution
  3. Compensation by Performance
  4. Salary Increase by Performance
  5. Cycle Tracking
  6. Cycle Guideline Alert
  • Alert framework – Alert framework is enhanced even further and now provides alert indicators not just at cycle level but also employee level. This setting in more intuitive to managers.
  • Budget updates – e-Compensation now has a refresh process which allow eligibility and budget refresh for certain scenarios. Even though it’s not a full refresh or very highly configurable process, it provides scenarios that most commonly occur.

As expected, e-Compensation tool on PeopleSoft will only get better with every release and will prove to be a strong contender to best of breed products.


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