Regression Testing on PeopleSoft Test Framework

Oracle introduced PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) with PeopleTools 8.51. PTF provide an advanced but easy to use test scripts recording tool. Best part about the tool is that it generates scripts as manageable objects that can be transferred between environments as PeopleTools object, reducing duplication of efforts. Oracle present this as a unit testing or functional testing solution but this can also be used as an effective regression testing tool.

Regression testing is testing perform to find bugs introduced in existing functionality due to changes, enhancements or configuration changes. Intent of regression is to make sure that changes mentioned above have not introduced new defects. Organizations develop a set of scripts, based on currently implemented functionality, that are executed either manually or using expensive testing tools. In both cases it’s an expensive, exhaustive and complicated process. This testing is becoming more resource and time consuming with the agile development environment where changes are introduced often and in quick succession.

PeopleSoft Test Framework is automated tool which is available with the customer PeopleSoft license and hence has no additional cost. PTF creates test assets such as Test scripts and test plan that are stored in the database as manageable PeopleTools objects throughout PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management. This process provide a stacking approach where a library of regression test scripts can be build overtime as new functionality is introduced. PTF also interface with the entire different PeopleSoft automation tool like DataMover and PSQuery, and hence does not require any special setup.
By using PTF, functional users can quickly execute regression testing across environments with little to no effort. They can also generate an integrated test plan. PTF definitely reduce the Total cost of ownership by enhancing user experience and reducing time and resource required to perform regression testing.

Below are sample videos demonstrating the PeopleSoft Testing Framework tool.

PeopleSoft Test Framework Recording

Peoplesoft Test Framework Playback

PeopleSoft Test Scripts as Managed Objects


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