Events and Alerts come to e-Compensation

By Saurav Khandelwal

Events and alerts framework can be configured and used to monitor business process and create messages when unusual situations and error occur within the PeopleSoft process or table. These messages can bring prompt attention to the matter of concern. The framework is available across a lot of PeopleSoft modules and even though it’s available for e-Compensation, it’s not configured out of the box. Below are some benefits of alerts for e-Compensation.
Benefits of alerts and events:
1. Events can be configured for various action within the e-Compensation lifecycle
2. Events can be configured to display alerts only at certain stage in business process
3. Text for alerts can be configured online by business process owner
4. Maintenance of the alert messages can be performed by business process owner
5. Alert messages are available on manager dashboard pagelet and can be used as an effective communication tool

Steps to configure alert message are:
1. Configure the manager access period – Setup various stages of manager access within e-Compensation cycle. Divide the merit cycle process into notification period, update period and review period based.


2. Configure Alert Definition – e-Compensation deliver 18 events that can be configured to be triggered during the previously specified access period.



3. Configure alert text – Alert text can be configured using the text catalog feature of PeopleSoft.


These are all the steps that are required for the setup. Now the alert messages are available for managers’ review.


Click on view details.


Click on the alert to see manager worksheet.



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