Total Reward Statement – Adding Chart

PeopleSoft Total rewards module is a highly configurable and flexible module that has capability to build as-is or projected total reward statement. Multiple total reward statements can be configured to promote different messages to intended viewer. There is one shortcoming to the functionality that every client points out to and would like the implementation consultant to correct; add chart to the printed statement.

Printed total reward statement is generated through BI publisher and hence is highly configurable (I love the BI publisher tool!) but it uses the xml file based definition for the data set it can use and the file definition cannot be changes unless the PeopleCode generating it is changed. This causes an issue with adding the chart object. The data set includes the total row and hence when the chart is generated it includes the total reward row in it, making other components out of proportion.

I figured out multiple ways to solve this issue but below is the one that I like most.

1. Add chart object to the total reward word template

2. Add conditional region around the chart object with condition that the TRW_SECTION_LABEL=”Summary”, this will prevent the chart from displaying on all sections.

3. Chart object does not have a lot of settings to work with on the app but it the object produces and XSL definition that can be accessed through the ALT Text property of the chart object. This  text can be changed to make the chart object do virtually everything. I modified it at below to show one pie chart without the total row column.

<Graph stylePath=”/oracle/dss/graph/styles/confetti.xml” depthAngle=”50″ depthRadius=”8″ pieDepth=”30″ pieTilt=”20″ seriesEffect=”SE_AUTO_GRADIENT” graphType=”PIE”><LegendArea visible=”true” /><SliceLabel textType=”LD_VALUE” visible=”true”>
<ViewFormat decimalDigit=”0″ decimalSeparator=”.” decimalDigitUsed=”true” decimalSeparatorUsed=”true” /></SliceLabel><LocalGridData colCount=”1″ rowCount=”{count(xdoxslt:group(.//TRW_BIP_ITEM,  ‘TRW_DESCR50’))}”><RowLabels><xsl:for-each-group select=”.//TRW_BIP_ITEM” group-by=”TRW_DESCR50″ xmlns:xsl=””><xsl:if test=”position() != last()”><Label><xsl:value-of select=”current-group()/TRW_DESCR50″ /></Label></xsl:if></xsl:for-each-group></RowLabels><ColLabels><xsl:for-each-group select=”.//TRW_BIP_ITEM” group-by=”TRW_TOTAL_LINE_SW” xmlns:xsl=””><xsl:if test=”position() != last()”><Label><xsl:value-of select=”current-group()/TRW_SECTION_LABEL” /></Label></xsl:if></xsl:for-each-group></ColLabels><DataValues><xsl:for-each-group select=”//TRW_BIP_ITEM” group-by=”./TRW_DESCR50″ xmlns:xsl=””><xsl:variable name=”G1″ select=”current-group()” /><xsl:if test=”position() != last()”><RowData><xsl:for-each-group select=”//TRW_BIP_ITEM” group-by=”./TRW_TOTAL_LINE_SW”><xsl:if test=”position() != last()”><Cell><xsl:value-of select=”sum($G1[(./TRW_TOTAL_LINE_SW=current()/TRW_TOTAL_LINE_SW)]/TRW_TOT_ER_AMT)” /></Cell></xsl:if></xsl:for-each-group></RowData></xsl:if></xsl:for-each-group></DataValues></LocalGridData></Graph>

Hope this help. Shoot me with a question if you are implementing total reward functionality.


8 thoughts on “Total Reward Statement – Adding Chart

  1. Hello – I am currently configuring Total Rewards and have the following question. The chart includes all 3 sections (Company Pays, Your Contribution and Company Provided). However, it seems to me that this is double counting the ‘Your Contribution’ category since anything in this category originated out of the ‘Company Pays’ category. Has anyone else noticed this ‘double counting’ issue in the chart? Is there a way to fix it?
    Thanks – Bill

    1. Hi Bill,
      I faced similar issue last year when I configured the tool for the client. The system basically inflate total reward by double counting. Way to get around this is to suppress employee contribution from the source pull. This way statement will only use employer contribution for calculation. Hope that works for you. You can configure that online.

      1. Hi – thanks for the response.
        So are you suggesting that the only way to get the chart to work, is to modify the reward item so that the ‘Employee Contribution’ is not included? If I understand correctly, then that means you can either have a Total Rewards Statement with:
        – only 2 of the 3 columns populated (Company Pays and Company Provided) and the chart has valid data.
        – all 3 columns populated (Company Pays, Company Provided and Your Contribution) and the chart is incorrect.

        Is that the case?

      2. Hi Bill, Yes those are the two options. Keep in mind, in option 2 it’s not just that the printed statement chart that is incorrect but also the online statement chart is incorrect. The total amount on the online pie chart also take both amount into consideration.

  2. Hello – I have been trying to get the chart to appear on the printed statement, but it continues to appear as a picture. Whether I use the chart generated XSL or the XSL you provided, when I add the updated rtf file to the Report Definition template and run the report, I only see the picture with the test data from the test XML file. Any ideas as to how I can get the chart picture to work and process the XSL in the ‘Alt text’ box? Thanks – Bill

    1. Can you share your template with me at I have not seen that issue once you load the template back to report definition and then call it on the application page.
      If I see your template than I can run it in my instance and see what can be the possible issue.

  3. Hi Saurav,
    Do you have any configuration document for implementing My Total Rewards that you can share? We are trying to implement it but I am facing issues with populating Group ID field while creating Administer Statement (Compensation > Total Rewards > Administer Statement). I have looked at the group id table and it is configured with values.


    1. Hi Deepak -i have mostly client documentation which I cannot share but if you tell me the problem, I might be able to help resolve. You are having some issue with group build, what exact issues?

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