Early Preview of what could be PeopleSoft Onboarding

I recently reviewed PeopleBooks guided process and found some images of the guided process that seem to be in works to provide functionality for Employee onboarding. The guided process is extremely flexible and configurable. I have used it to define other business processes. Here is how I believe this will work for anyone who is interested.

HR will use the Guided Process pagelet to initiate or continue onboarding process


On the next page they will be able to select the job record to process. The process can dynamically adjust based on the questionnaire answered


An onboarding process will generate to walk through and complete employee onboarding. Various users based on security can contribute to the same process. Everyone will be aware of the status.



Note: At this point, we don’t know what steps will be delivered as part of onboarding but based on PeopleBooks, it can look like this.



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