Little known trick to use “IN” in search page

Not sure how many out there know this, but if you are working with a long list of people on a Peoplesoft component, than rather than doing search everytime, you can use the “IN” condition to fetch all the employees at once. Then just go down the list or use the cached results column on the top to go through the employees. I found this to be a really good usability feature.


2 thoughts on “Little known trick to use “IN” in search page

  1. hi
    I am looking Ways to Initiate Guided Self Service Transacation from Core Pages like Job Data for HR admins . I tried using Related content but it is closely tied to Direct Reportee or Employee manager Relations Ships. do you have any insights on how this could be progrsses

  2. Yes. We just did this for one of our state client who wanted to functionality of GSS ,of approvals and attachment, for job action changes but do not have manager self service implemented. Send me an email with a little more detail of what are you trying to achieve at and I can provide you some tips.

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