Pivot Grids

I recently worked on the pivot grids in PeopleSoft 9.2 and wanted to share a small video I created that shows how much better it is compared to prior releases and other competing products in the market. Some of the features offered are:

1. Can be easily created using PS queries, hence providing a lot of flexibility in data source definition

2. Allow for multiple filter configurations

3. Allow of multi-dimensional analysis

4. Data can be exported into multiple chart formats and spreadsheets

5. Data can be drilled into to view details

6. Analytic can be made actionable using related actions

Here is a video of a custom pivot grid that I created for Performance Management and provisioned through workcenter. The custom analytic provide document status distribution. Managers can then jump right into actionable items based on the the analysis.

I am hoping this video can help others who are excited about this functionality.


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