Performing activities when we need them and where we need them – Related Action Framework

PeopleSoft is making big strides in closing the gap between itself and the so called modern HR platforms. One such feature which take PeopleSoft even beyond where other vendors are is related content/actions.

Related content is a feature where context sensitive information can be used to display related information in a related content frame. Related content frame splits the page into two section with each section working as an independent unit. This redefine how we can multi task. For example I can be working on an employee person profile and can look up information on job data and make changes simultaneously (see image 1).


Related action on the other hand allows us create context sensitive action right on each fields of the page.  This is a great feature as it increases productivity and usability. For instance I can be working on job data and would like to see information of the position or department. Now I can trigger that action from the field directly (See image 2).


This is just the basic on what this functionality can do. Knowing how much clients have customized PeopleSoft, now they can get rid of a lot of that customization by pulling in custom tabs and fields using related actions. Trigger processes and reports from application pages (watch out for self service schedules post later).

PeopleSoft is delivering configured related actions on a lot of self service and manager self service pages but with the help of the framework, clients can take functionality much further.


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