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I recently used the configuration migration tool, Data migration workbench, from PeopleTools and I am really impressed. Application designer has many great features to migrate objects from one environment to other but functional team always struggle with migration of configuration data. They have to constantly work with the technical team to create sql or data mover scripts and then test them during various migration. Also, if any config changes, which happens more often than code changes, then they have to communicate it out to the tech team. More than often something is missed, causing endless hours of analysis, delay cutover or even worse, rollbacks.

With DMW, the control is in functional team hand. I can create a migration definition project (same as a app desiger project) of config tables and relationships. I can add and remove data to migrate, online. Once the packet is ready to migrate, I can perform integrity checks to make sure all the data values are still valid and referential integrity is maintained. Finally data can be migrated into change packets that need to be physically migrated over to the target server (one of the drawbacks) where, on approval (yes, you can use AWE approvals to approve packages before they can be moved in) they are imported into the new environment.

The whole process takes a little bit of time to get use to (took me 1 day, for my first migration, to migrate 5 change packets) but once you get use to it, then it can be really quick and convenient (now it takes me 20-30 minutes to do the entire migration).

There are a lot of other advance level functionalities (auto relationships, compare, validations etc) that are also delivered, which can make migration process very robust and quick.

Contact me if you want to know more or need a demo


13 thoughts on “Data Migration Workbench

  1. Have you had experience using DMW with ePerformance? I’m struggling to migrate all template related config tables – specifically for Tabs and Template Sections – continue to have errors implying the keys are absent on the target. Both environments are identical save the config data itself. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Judy,
      I assume you had to create new dataset to capture all the Config in DMW. I don’t think Peoplesoft deliver the dataset out of box. Did you migrated the dataset definition to the target environment before migration the DMW project? The dataset definition are migrated through app designer and need to be available in target environment before you can import data. Hopefully this will solve your issue.

  2. Thank you!!
    I’ve done a number of them successfully and created each manually. The validation error is a Static Prompt Validation stating that the TABSET_ID field value on the RECORD: EP_TAB_DTL is not found in the PROMPT TABLE: HCSC_TAB_SET_VW which it is not. But I am not sure how to add it to the prompt table. PLUS it’s never been on there so I don’t see it necessary for ePerformance template use, just necessary to pass migration validation.

    1. I should have mentioned too that I manually created the dataset on the target. It successfully runs the compare but the compare and validation have errors (described above)

    2. I have not done ePerf migration using workbench but I have had these phantom prompt errrors before on other migration. If you send me your dataset structure at then I will try to recreate it and see what the error could be

    3. Ok. I tried just that one table. Is this the kind of message you are getting “VALUE: XXXXXX specified for the FIELD: TABSET_ID on the RECORD: EP_TAB_DTL is not found in the PROMPT TABLE: HCSC_TAB_SET_VW (257,501)”

      If yes then, even though you get error while doing integrity check, you will be able to copy the settings to the file and load them into target. The reason you are seeing this error is because the prompt table HCSC_TAB_SET_VW has PNLNAME as the highest level key which is not being passed during validation and hence it is not finding the tab settings by key. Just ignore this error and do a validation check while importing the config. You will see the actual hard errors, if any, during that time.

  3. Yes, I did the same, just the one EP_TAB_DTL table. I proceeded with the Submit for Copy despite the compare error. The validation error was exactly what you had above (same as was on the validation tab after compare)… I submitted TWO template IDs, the validation error only mentioned 1 of them but neither actually changed.

  4. Hi ,

    Can we use data migration workbench to migrate Workcenters from once instance to another.
    I need to move the workcenter from 8.53 to 8.54

  5. Hi,

    I am new to this Data Migration Workbench topic,Can you please provide an example with step by step by adding screen shots.

    1. Hi Ravi.. I don’t have any such recording at this time. I have done the process couple of times now and its pretty straightforward and simple. Go through PeopleBooks and if you run into any issues than buzz me

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