Implementing overtime request functionality

Here is my 7 point plan for PeopleSoft overtime functionality implementation:

Overtime request pilot

Step 1

Provide security access to following pages to employees (This functionality only work for employees who have time reporter data setup).

Picture 2

Step 2

Setup overtime request AWE definition for your approval requirements

Step 3

Update the page message catalog to provide custom message in the header for employees. Policy/procedures for overtime etc

Step 4

Edit email templates for overtime request and overtime approve/deny

Step 5

Setup overtime limit (optional)

This step allows you to setup overtime limit by TRC code/service months. This is not a hard check but a soft validation for managers to compare overtime expense

Step 6

Setup workgroups for overtime approval

TL workgroups need to be configured to use AWE for overtime approval.

Step 7

Provide managers a place where they can view and approve these hours. Currently commonwealth does not have any such page but we can probably configure the manager dashboard to have approval pagelet to display overtime request to approve or provide access to the overtime request approval page.

Picture 3


Picture 4


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