Story of conversion done right

At a recent conversion project our team had to convert data to Peoplesoft 9.1 from a legacy system for 800 employees. Even though our team has done a lot of conversion projects, challenge always remain in prompt, xlat and relationship validation to make sure that all required setup values are created and that job, personal or other information is not showing up with invalid values. Even after doing enough regression testing and querying, some issues still pop-up after go live, causing frustration.

One way to get around is to use ExceltoCi and component interfaces but this approach can be painfully slow based on dataset size. In the current engagement, NYTP team figured out a new way to perform validation that provided best of both world. Migration of core and transaction tables were done using SQRs/DMS to speed up the process but then Data Migration Workbench was used to perform validation on various edits.

Team achieved this by first performing the import and then adding all (or subset of imported table at a time) into a DMW project. Then the project was exported out to a file. Same file was loaded back in but only the validation/compare part is performed without importing data. This generate a nice spreadsheet with all data issues.

For second pass, we introduced referential integrity for parent child and then loaded the file again to provide a list of orphan records.

Entire process of validation was completed in couple of days by one person whereas it use to take a week and more bodies.

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