PeopleSoft Mobile [Fluid]

Customers have complaint a lot about PeopleSoft mobile functionality and how it has turned into a legacy system. Next time I hear someone say that I would like to sit down with them and explain how PeopleSoft has the right and best approach with Fluid layout. This is a truly universal way of providing mobile functionality that can be deployed at lowest total cost. First of all it can be completely build within the PeopleSoft framework and does not require any external toolset and knowledge. Also it is based on HTML and hence is accessible from any device, not like other vendors who have apps available through app store etc. So consider if you have an aid worker in Africa who wants to order a supply, do you want to spend on a shiny new iphone because that’s the only platform your vendor deliver a feature rich app for or you want to better use that money for the supplies?

Also the speed of development to deployment is blazing fast. Here is a short video of a pivot grid that I created in fluid, deployed on a mobile landing page for benefit administrators on the go. It took me less than 1 hour to from data set selection, design, development and deploy.

Check this out!


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