State Tax Form through Submittable PDF

After a long break, I am back with some exciting stuff! I have been working with some of the latest stuff like Smart HR, Matrix Teams, Fluid UI, Submittable PDF etc. So look forward to all that exciting stuff in coming weeks.

One of the things that most of my payroll clients have always wished for is the Self Service State Tax functionality. PeopleSoft has not delivered this functionality all this and left it to individual clients to develop custom forms to support this functionality. This can be quite a bit of work to develop and maintain based on different states that a client has operations in. Hence most kept this process manual.

Now with PeopleTools 8.55, PeopleSoft finally offered a solution that takes care of this in a very creative way through submittable PDF. Below are the steps that are required:

  1. Get the editable version of the state tax for. I have a Massachusetts state tax form that I will be using.

pic12. [Optional] Create a query and query based report source to populate some of the basic information on the form for self service user.

3.Create an application package & class that handle business logic to populate core tables from the form data. I created one app class per state tax form to populate Employee State Tax Data.

4. Create a new BI report definition and upload the form on step 1 as template


5. Create a mapping file to map the input and output fields. Upload the mapping file to the template. This will save data entry time for the self service user

pic26. Setup submittable PDF parameters for the report definition as discussed in PeopleBooks[

7. Save the report definition above

8. Finally create a self service report definition to make report available to self service user through self service report framework


Now you are all set to use the interactive form. When a self service user download the form they will see a Submit button which will submit the data back to PeopleSoft. You can also provide confirmation page to the user.


I have just used it for one business process till now but the possibilities are endless and this functionality is now on top of my list to discuss with my clients.

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