HCM Image 20 is out! Exciting new feature – Attachment functionality in Guided Self Service!

Really excited about this new feature. For my current work I am extensively utilizing guided self service (creating a dashboard for Admins to manage HR actions). See screenprint below.



The functionality is awesome and I achieved all of what is shown above without any customizations (Yeah!!). One functionality that was requested is the ability to add attachments to Personnel Action Change request. We are currently on Image 19 and while exploring, to do customization to add in attachment functionality, I found that the attachment checkbox was delivered on setup page but was hidden. We ended up populating the value in the hidden field for all our templates and found the functionality worked flawlessly. Only concern was, why Oracle did not make it available and what if there is a hidden bug. Glad to see that the functionality has finally seen light of the day!

Check out more on the functionality on the link below or screenshots from the functionality I configured.







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