Converting classic activity guide to Fluid

Lot of PeopleSoft customers are expressing interest in moving ESS/MSS completely on fluid but there are still some important pages that Oracle only deliver in classic.

Attached is a document that I created to convert classic activity guide, for eBenefits, into Fluid. This guide can also be used for any other activity guide as well.



3 thoughts on “Converting classic activity guide to Fluid

  1. Hi Saurav,

    I’m working on converting classic ag to fluid. The activity guide aims to collect address validation and financial consent from the user using the delivered app class functions. I use 5 different runtime parameters to the template and wondering if I have to make modifications to the delivered app class updating the redirect URL as mentioned in the document attached.

    Please advise.
    Thank you,

  2. Yes you will have to execute that code if you are not on image 26. I believe from Image 26 onwards the benefit activity guide is delivered in fluid out of the box.

    1. We are currently on PT 8.55 image 23 and CS9.2. I could not get it work.
      Is there a way I can share my error to you in detail of our functionality.
      Thank you for looking into the comment.


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