HCM Image 24 is out! Check out new feature!

Keeping up with its commitment, Oracle PeopleSoft has launched HCM Image 24 filled with great new features. I am really encouraged to see how much has PeopleSoft improved and delivered since moving to 9.2.

Two of these features are really exciting to reduce customization and still build logic extension. Check out the event mapping and page configurator for more information.

PeopleSoft Page and Field Configurator – “PeopleSoft Page and Field Configurator feature enables the users to configure certain properties of pages and fields of classic pages based on their business requirements. It allows the users to define multiple configuration for a component based on different user roles or user list. User can define multiple criteria based on the component fields and selectively apply the configuration at run time if the criteria is satisfied based on the run time values.”


Update Team Information – Now there is a new tile that combine together all the Guided Self Service transactions. This is simply a navigation collection and I am not a big fan of how it is implemented but the highlight is the “Update Job Details for a Group” functionality. Finally you can initiate an action on multiple employees. Consider the benefit this provide for reorg etc. I am really excited that some of my inputs were taken into consideration.


Employee Impact Tile – New tile on the employee snapshot that provide manager with 9 box access. This is great information and visual. I really hoped that this would be improved with a drag and drop right there so that the manager does not need to navigate to career planning. Maybe next time!


Succession Plan Tile – Not much to say here.




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