Fluid Forms – Implementing an easy to do expense report in PeopleSoft

Fluid forms is one of our favorite functionalities in PeopleSoft 9.2. Even though they seem to have some shortcomings, such as validations, rules etc., these can easily be overcome using event mapping and Active Analytic Framework. We are helping lot of different clients to reduce customization or enhance functionality by utilizing fluid forms.

One such example is a large public client for whom we have implemented Travel expense reporting and approving functionality using fluid forms. The functionality allowed us to meet 95% of business requirements within 3 months implementation. The functionality allow users to enter various type of expenses and perform validation as well as automatic calculations on mileage etc.

This new functionality will integrate seamlessly with Time and Attendance or Payroll. It will also be accessible on mobile devices. It also uses PeopleSoft fluid approval framework for approves to quickly review and approve expense. All this without any need for a new product or additional licenses!

Interested to know more about this, contact seema.badaya@peoplesoftaware.com.






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