PeopleSoft reporting using Simplified Analytics

As promised, PeopleSoft has delivered some simplified analytics out of the box on guided self service pages. Thanks to the delivered framework, clients do not need to stop there. All kinds of self service analytics and reporting can be created using this functionality. For ex:

  1. Deliver a report with most important columns from PS_EMPLOYEES table
  2. Deliver a report from Performance Management and Compensation Management module
  3. Deliver reports from Time and Labor and Absence Modules
  4. Build custom reports with derived parameters to provide forecasting abilities

Clients need to decide if they would like to have one central place as one stop shop for all these models or spread them across application pages (PeopleSoft approach).

Note: One limitation is that simplified analytics can only be attached to a fluid pages.

Attached is a document describing a simplified analytics that we created to provide self-service reporting to managers.

Please contact for more information.

Self Service Reporting Functionality (simplified analytics)


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