Do we have a bag of tricks!

Its been two years since Seema LLC came into existence and in these two years we have executed some amazing projects that enabled our clients to be named PeopleSoft Innovators. With the support of our consulting community, below are some of the projects that we executed last year.

  1. We completed a complex Variable and Merit compensation build to support planning for 100,000+ associates
  2. We designed and configured, a mobile friendly, career planning tool that enabled employees to close gap on career ladder or align career track to other parts or organization
  3. We helped an organization to reduce customization and reduce paper by moving to Manager Self Service transactions
  4. We developed in house products that takes Career and Succession planning to next level with simplified business process, integrated analytic and mobile friendly design

For next year we have some even more challenging opportunities knocking on our door. Highlights of the work that is already in progress:

  1. Developing a Variable Compensation tool that is simplifying business process, providing goal visibility/tracking to managers and associates and integrates with e-Performance
  2. Developing smart interface platform for benefits that allow flexible vendor integration
  3. Developing alexa skills for MSS transactions to perform voice enabled job changes and approvals
  4. Developing predictive analytic for turnover and candidates using artificial intelligence

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