PeopleSoft Image 12 is out! New ACA fetures for Time and Labor

PeopleSoft left a lot to be desired with the initial release of the ACA functionality . With image 12, they have patched some of these holes. The new updates to Time and Labor provide various functionalities to track ACA eligibility using materialized views and pivot grids. Here is an expert from PeopleBooks.

“The PeopleSoft Human Resource Time and Labor support for ACA (Affordable Care Act) functionality assists you to determine if the employee is eligible for benefits under the Affordable Care Act. The functionality assists in the accumulation of service hours for all employee types that are salaried, hourly, and exception hourly employees. This accumulation process relies on the ACA Time Reporting Codes table to determine which TRCs to include in accumulating the hours as service hours.”

Like to know more? You can read more information at:


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