PeopleSoft to Modern HR – Push Notification Enhanced

Oracle delivered a lot of great features with PeopleTools 8.54 and one that I particularly enjoy is push notification. Even though its not a business critical function, it is a very critical component of modern HR and Self Service. It makes the system more responsive and let user’s multi task. This is something I saw and loved in Workday too but it was just a little bit ugly then.

You can read more about it here.

So even though the functionality looks and feel great and should be a centralized hub for all notifications, Oracle, in its love to do same thing 300 different ways and then calling it choice, provide the notification for everything in top left but for processes run though process scheduler the notification comes as a slide in (toast notification). Though the toast notification looks cool, they are practically useless because they are intrusive and are not persistent.

So I took a little project to have the toast notification but couple them with the final report delivery in the notification window. This way the toast notification can continue to notify the user on the process status and once complete, final status and report is available in the notification window to grab anytime you want. Also you will know whats pending and whats not.

Below is a small demo of my code modification. It took me couple of hours to figure out the code that was being fired and then to alter it. In the demo I am logging into PeopleSoft and then running a report. Then I am navigating around to see that I can be useful while the process in running. When the process is done, I get a notification and the counter at the top show something is waiting for me. I click on the notification window icon and I have my process status and the report.

Couple of things I am still working on and would love to have inputs on.

  1. If I go back to the home page then the toast notification do not fire and hence I lose the notification window functionality as well. This is an area Oracle should address
  2. If I run a process and log out then the status is not updated after I log back in

Next on my list is to trigger automated scheduler to run reports without going to run control and the accessing report through notification window.


3 thoughts on “PeopleSoft to Modern HR – Push Notification Enhanced

  1. Happy to see that you have tried out the functionality. The notification window on the top right persists the notifications. A user can navigate to component by clicking on ViewAll link and search for notifications.

  2. We have just configured Push Notifications and the sliding window notification in one of our test environments. This is a useful feature and all seems to be working correctly other than some issues with the sliding window notification as you mentioned with clicking on the Home page and also found issues with it not working with multiple tabs open. We see a need for the process requests through the process scheduler to also be available in the Notifications icon in the top right header after it completes as you mentioned in your enhancement.

    Is this code you can share as we would like to try the same?

    1. Sorry for not getting back to you this long… I was on a very critical project all this time. You will be glad to know that PeopleSoft has implemented Process Scheduler push notification in PeopleTools 8.55. So no need for any additional code.

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