Positions or Jobs? How to manage your People

One question that keep coming up with various upgrades and implementations, of HR software, is whether the organization is managing its employees the correct way and is there a better way out there to do this. I have struggled to answer this question myself without having indepth knowledge about the organization.

I found following information, on Oracle Fusion Implementation guide, to be very useful to provide leading practice and decision support.

Let me know your experience on the same!

During implementation, one of the earliest decisions you’ll make is whether to use jobs or a combination of jobs and positions. The determinants for this decision are:

  • The primary industry of your enterprise
  • How you manage your people

Primary Industry of Your Enterprise

The following table outlines information on Primary industries and how they set up their workforce.

Primary Industry Workforce Setup
Mining Positions
Utilities Positions
Manufacturing Positions
Retail Trade Positions
Transportation and Warehousing Positions
Educational Services Positions
Public Transportation Positions
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting Jobs
Construction Jobs
Wholesale Trade Jobs
Information Jobs
Finance and Insurance Jobs
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Jobs
Management of Companies and Enterprises Jobs
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services Jobs
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Jobs
Accommodation and Food Services Jobs
Other Services (Except Public Administration) Jobs

Management of People

The following table displays suggestions of whether to use jobs or a combination of jobs and positions based on your industry and how you manage your employees when there is turnover.

Industry We always replace employees by rehiring to same role We replace the head count, but the manager can use the head count in a different job We rehire to the same position, but the manager can request a reallocation of budget to a different post
Project (An industry that supports project-based forms of organization in which teams of specialists from both inside and outside the company report to project managers.) Positions Jobs Jobs
Controlled (An industry that is highly structured in which all aspects of work and remuneration are well organized and regulated.) Positions Positions Positions
Manufacturing Positions Jobs Positions
Retail Positions Jobs Positions
Education Positions Jobs Positions
Other Positions Jobs Jobs

Ref: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E51367_01/globalop_gs/FAWHR/F1018387AN10074.htm#F421800AN100A9


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