PeopleSoft Reporting: Using Composite Queries for Self Service Reporting

One feature that Modern HR clients look for is Self Service real time reporting. WD provides the functionality out of the box and is tied to the security profile. The reporting is very user friendly but is quite confined.

PeopleSoft had PS Queries for a very ling time but this tool does not meet business requirement due to following reasons:

  1. It exposes actual record structure and not the business object
  2. It provide query security for some critical records only and those too it only uses row level security which might not be built for MSS or ESS
  3. It allows user to create any kind of complex joins and criteria which can lead to performance issues

PeopleSoft Composite query tool can be used to expose PS queries that are already converted into business objects. Exposed PS queries can be updated to include specific security definitions for self service reporting. HRIS team can control what objects to expose and what not to expose independent of what modules end user have access to. Hence Composite queries can eliminate a lot of the concerns mentioned previously and provide the rich experience that self service users deserve. Below is a step by step process of a simple example.

  1. Create a query from PS_WCS_ECM_EE_SAL record with exposing only the column necessary for self service.
  2. Add predefined criteria to the query that you do not want end user to change such as self service or MSS security, Access to only certain level, restrict cross country access etc.
  3. Add record WCS_ECM_EE_SAL in an access group and tree that self service users have access topic1
  4. Give self service users access to Composite query manager navigation
  5. Self service user can create public or private queries using the business object, run the report and download data.


This is just one way to achieve the desired results. Another way is to use simplified analytics which I will discuss in my next post.


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