PeopleSoft Mobile [Fluid]

Customers have complaint a lot about PeopleSoft mobile functionality and how it has turned into a legacy system. Next time I hear someone say that I would like to sit down with them and explain how PeopleSoft has the right and best approach with Fluid layout. This is a truly universal way of providing mobile … Continue reading PeopleSoft Mobile [Fluid]

Image 14 is out and with it some exciting new Modern HR features!

I cannot wait for PeopleTools 8.55 to arrive with its list of new and exciting features but till then Image 14 has enough stuff to keep me happy. There are various new updates in the payroll and ACA space but the one that I am excited about is the big push towards Push Notification. I … Continue reading Image 14 is out and with it some exciting new Modern HR features!

Story of conversion done right

At a recent conversion project our team had to convert data to Peoplesoft 9.1 from a legacy system for 800 employees. Even though our team has done a lot of conversion projects, challenge always remain in prompt, xlat and relationship validation to make sure that all required setup values are created and that job, personal or … Continue reading Story of conversion done right

No PeopleSoft 9.3! Best thing I have heard in long time

At PeopleSoft talk, Marc Weintraub, Oracles' Senior Director of Product Strategy, explained why there might not be a PeopleSoft 9.3. Some people took this information as an indicator that Oracle is finally abandoning PeopleSoft. From a business point of view, abandonment does not make a lot of sense. ERP is generally a very sticky product, … Continue reading No PeopleSoft 9.3! Best thing I have heard in long time

Data Migration Workbench

I recently used the configuration migration tool, Data migration workbench, from PeopleTools and I am really impressed. Application designer has many great features to migrate objects from one environment to other but functional team always struggle with migration of configuration data. They have to constantly work with the technical team to create sql or data mover … Continue reading Data Migration Workbench

Activity Guide – PeopleSoft 9.2/PeopleTools 8.53

Activity guide capability is now delivered in PeopleSoft through PeopleTools 8.53. Activity guide allow to create a streamlined business process within a given component (like ePerformance) or combining multiple steps (like IB configuration). This can be configured similar to business process within Workday. Even  though this functionality is enabled through PeopleTools 8.53, PeopleSoft 9.2 offer … Continue reading Activity Guide – PeopleSoft 9.2/PeopleTools 8.53

HR Notifications

Oracle has introduced a new notification and announcement feature in PeopleSoft 9.2. The HR notification functionality now allows communication/HR administrators to send out rich text announcements or personalized messages to employees or person of interest. There is no need for power users to mess around with not so useful notify functionality anymore. Publishers can publish … Continue reading HR Notifications

Hiding grid column(s) without customizations

Most of the time, PeopleSoft deliver the correct core processes and clients just customize the front end to their needs. This require customization of pages and hence not only PeopleSoft upgrade issues but a lengthy SDLC process. Here is a quick way to hide columns from the grid without doing customization. 1. Navigate to the … Continue reading Hiding grid column(s) without customizations

Building validations and edits without customizations

More than often PeopleSoft consultants are faced with edit, validation and alert requirements. Consultant end up designing the solution by suggesting customizations. Maybe a close observation of requirements, better understanding of the tools and some bit of convincing can help in reducing these customizations. One such tool at our disposal is the Event and Notification … Continue reading Building validations and edits without customizations